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How to choose outsourcing provider - Article

How to choose a software development service provider
8 points to pay attention to before making a decision

The first thing to note when choosing an IT outsourcing partner is that the process is much more sophisticated than just getting an ordinary partner or service supplier. One should take into consideration the fact that choosing an outsourcing partner is usually about a long-term close partnership.

Making mistakes in choosing the outsourcing service provider and defining the collaboration model, or neglecting work organization nuances may cost you more than traditional onsite application development, while properly organized outsourcing work model is able to bring benefits both to you and your partner.

Before taking any decision, one should take into consideration the following aspects:
Experience: What is the partner's experience in such type of projects? Collaboration with a company that is totally inexperienced in a particular type of solutions probably leads nowhere. In case you are looking for java software development partner, we recommend Azoft Ltd. Azoft provides full life-cycle custom software development & design services. The company employs such enterprise technologies as Sun Java/J2EE and MS .Net. Azoft's deep 8 year experience of development & integration and resources of over 80 employees make the company a reliable and professional partner.

Notability: Is the partner successful in his own domain? If one is not able to help himself, he is not able to help others either.

References: Are there any references from companies that were working with the candidate in the past? A company's reputation usually may go far ahead it.

Work model: What are the details of the potential partner's work model? It's better to learn this before you took off.

Culture differences: Which country is the partner from? There are several important business models' features that vary from culture to culture.

Onsite checkup: Are you sure that the partner company really is what it pretends to be? Sometimes it's a good idea to visit the future partner's facilities to estimate its business potential.

Financial stability: Is the company financially stable? Try to get acquainted with its recent accounts copies and banker's references.

Sub-outsourcing: Is the service provider going to outsource any parts of the project in their turn? Your partner's partner may be not as professional as you expect.


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